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LOCH VOSTOK new video for the song 'Disillusion'


Swedish avantgarde/melo-death veterans Loch Vostok - have delightedly decided to sweeten our ears with another single/video track as a prelude, leading up to their coming 8th album, which is set for release in the spring of 2021.


This 2nd single/video from the, as of yet, untitled coming album is called "Disillusion", and is staged as a live video, resembling the natural environment of the band - namely live...on stage!


Check out the video for "Disillusion" below:



Following the line-up change in the ranks of the Swedish avantgarde/melo-death veterans Loch Vostok - introducing their new clean-vocalist, Jonas Radehorn.

Changing the vocalist in a band is a drastic move, but Loch Vostok proves that it's possible to do just that, and at the same time, keep the integrity of the band and their sound intact.


Check out the video for "When The Wolves Have Eaten Everything":



Teddy Möller (guitars/growls) on the music and lyrics: Continuing on the topic of anti-consumerism with a fresh approach was the start of this song. The main riff in the verse came to me while reading what I just wrote. The whole song was done in just two hours. We actually tried to keep it shorter but the song demanded this length to develop properly. It's a great opportunity to present the talent that Jonas brings to Loch Vostok.


Bassplayer Patrik Janson elaborates on the visuals: The theme is derived from an interpretation of the lyrical content, and the imagery is supposed to symbolise the never-ending story of man vs. nature. What happens when we have used all of nature's resources?


Extreme Progressive Metal from Sweden. The unholy child of Emperor and Tears for Fears. The bastard cousin of King Diamond and King's X. Melodic and heavy, cheesy and brutal. Born from the fractured mind of Teddy Möller.



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