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LUCID DREAM Release New Official Video For 'Wall Of Fire'

LUCID DREAM 2020topp

Italian progressive hard rock group Lucid Dream have released an official video taken from their 2020 album The Great Dance Of The Spirit. The band had this to say about their latest track; “Wall Of Fire represents the barrier of the rational mind. The Great Dance Of The Spirit’s long journey opens with an important challenge in order to reach infinity. Overcoming this obstacle allows us to look beyond the veil of illusion. Bon Voyage…


The Great Dance Of The Spirit is the fourth release from Italian progressive hard rock group Lucid Dream. The album is a concept based on the research of the subtle energetic dimensions of the ‘Great Spirit’; it’s the third and final chapter of the trilogy started with The Eleventh Illusion and Otherworldly. The Great Dance Of The Spirit is a voyage at the borders of the universe. The album was recorded (as were the previous ones) at 432Hz, making this sound deeper and nobler.




The work developed as a collection of hard rock songs, ballads and introspective moments accompanied by an exceptional string trio composed of Andrea Cardinale on first violin (virtuoso Paganini performed all over the world), Sara Calabria on viola and Rachele Rebaudengo on cello. The tracks have been composed and produced by Simone Terigi and mixed at Tabasco Studio, Sori, Italy by Lucid Dream and Nicola Sannino.


Mastering was done by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio, Republic of San Marino.


Particular attention should be given to the graphics developed by Nicoletta Mignone. As with the previous albums, the evocative images symbolically tell the meaning of the concept.


Concept Synopsis:
The protagonist offers first-hand his progress in the mystic search, up to the revelation manifested in the last track, Wakan Tanka, where the refined senses of divine energy are sealed. You can find a special intent in each song, through which the Artist works on himself to perfect his being and make the ‘eternal manifest’ in the matter. This is the noble purpose that music should tell us, whatever the genre played. So the divine energy makes us part of the greatness, flowing into us through the vibration of our music.” – Lucid Dream


LUCID DREAM album2020


Track Listing:

01. Wall Of Fire

02. Desert Glass

03. By My Side

04. Moving Sands

05. A Dress Of Light

06. The War Of The Cosmos

07. The Realm Of Beyond

08. Golden Silence

09. Wall Of Fire (acoustic reprise)

10. Prayer For The Great Spirit

11. Invisible Stranger

12. Wakan Tanka


The Great Dance Of The Spirit | Released on March 10th, 2020 via Sliptrick Records


Available now from: Shop Sliptrick | Apple Music | Spotify | YouTube Music & other major stores


The Nature, the Universe and all the Masters who opened the Way before us...A BIG THANK YOU



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