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OBVURT Releasing Debut EP 'The Beginning' March 31 on Brutal Mind


Quebec (CA) Death Metal trio OBVURT will release debut EP The Beginning March 31 on Brutal Mind. A lyric video for EP track "The First Light" was just released and is available below:



Initially, OBVURT was a solo project created by Philippe Drouin. In 2016 he was victim of a car accident, which injured his right wrist and prevented him from playing the guitar. Despite undergoing multiple medical operations, Philippe was not able to get his dexterity back. Even when facing adversity, he refused to give up on himself or on the guitar skills he had been perfecting for 15 years.


In 2018, he decided to buy a left-handed guitar, despite being right handed. With the help of Michael Angelo Batio, and because he kept practicing, Phil was able to come up with his very first songs.


OBVURT was formed in 2020 in Québec. Band members are: Philippe Drouin
(EX-UNBREAKABLE HATRED, EX-VITIATED), Olivier Pinard (CATTLE DECAPITATION, CRYPTOPSY) and Samuel Santiago (AGONY, EX-GOROD). Philippe was the one who came up with the name OBVURT, which relates to his particular turn of fate. OBVURT stands for Obvert (to oppose) and Hurt (to wound). In august 2020 the band recorded their first EP, The Beginning, with Christian Donaldson (CRYPTOPSY) at The Grid Productions.


A quarantine playthrough video for EP track "Obverted," featuring a guest guitar solo from Michael Angelo Batio, was released previously and can be viewed below:



OBVURT ep2021


Track Listing:


1. Prelude Dm
2. Osteophyte
3. The First Light
4. Obverted*
5. Scars of War
6. The End


*Guest guitar solo by Michael Angelo Batio


Album Credits:

Produced by Christian Donaldson

Co-produced by Obvurt

Engineered by Christian Donaldson

Assistant Engineer Marco fréchette

Mastered by Christian Donaldson at The Grid, Montreal, QC

Produced at Grid Productions, Pointe- Aux-Trembles, Montréal, Canada

Layout and Artwork by Jon Zig






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