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ONEIRIC CELEPHAÏS prepare to release 'The Obscure Sibyl'


It takes a special kind of band to combine the crushing power of death metal with precise technicality and extreme dexterity to create something that is in equal measures beautiful, thrilling and bewildering. Hailing from Florence, a city of remarkable art and breathtaking architecture, Oneiric Celephaïs are one such special band and their debut EP, The Obscure Sibyl is the perfect introduction to their overwhelming music.


The four songs that form The Obscure Sibyl each provide a complex and involving listening experience, each a sweetly structured individual piece; yet all four come together to create a cohesive whole, complimenting each other, adding to each other as well. The instruments reflect this sense of separation and unity, dancing around each other but working in perfect harmony to create an immensely heavy sonic tapestry. Flowing bass lines weave their way between jagged, darting riffs while spiralling solos shimmer above and drums like liquid fire thunder below. Technical death metal can often be decried for its sterility and lack of emotion, but Oneiric Celephaïs pour their hearts into their playing and writing, bringing captivating melody to their challenging, frenetic songs. They have drawn inspiration from the likes of Spawn Of Possession and Obscura, but those names merely provide starting points for wary listeners as Oneiric Celephaïs are bringing a startling new voice to the genre.


Gore House Productions will be opening the way to The Obscure Sibyl on August 7th and the EP will be the first in a series of releases from this alliance between band and label. A multi-album deal has been signed, which Gore House Productions believe will see Oneiric Celephaïs scaling the heights of critical acclaim to become one of the leading lights of technical death metal.


Once you have heard the wonders of The Obscure Sibyl you will share their faith.



Track Listing:


1 – The Eldritch Dark
2 – The Aeon of Death
3 – From Beyond
4 – Vǫluspá


Presale link: Gore House Productions



Genre: Melodic Technical Death Metal
For fans of: Death | Obscura | Spawn Of Possession | Gory Blister



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