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REBAELLIUN sign with Agonia Records!


Brazilian death metallers REBAELLIUN sign record deal with Agonia Records. The band is currently working on a new album, successor to "The Hell's Decrees" from 2016. Its release date has been slated for autumn 2020.

REBAELLIUN was founded in 1998 and is considered among the most important death metal bands to emerge from Brazil. Despite being formed more then twenty years ago, the band faced a considerable hiatus, which translates into less than a decade of actual activity and not more than three full-length albums under the belt.


Until REBAELLIUN's dissolution (in 2002), the trio celebrated its most potent period, having released two studio albums, "Burn the Promised Land" (1999) and "Annihilation" (2001), via Hammerheart Records. They also played several tours - most of which took place in Europe - and shared the stage with Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Vader and Behemoth.


In 2015 the original line-up decided to reunite and release its third and last album, "The Hell's Decrees" (2016), followed by a European co-headlining tour with Pestilence, alongside shows at Party San Open Air and Brutal Assault Open Air. Unfortunately tragedy stroke shortly after, and took the life of guitarist Fabiano Penna in 2018. Amidst all the hardness, remaining members decided to keep the band alive.


In 2020 REBAELLIUN is ripe for a new album. The band is also gearing up to perform at Netherlands Deathfest and Into The Abyss Festival, with more exciting news to follow.


REBAELLIUN commented on the singing: "Last year, we started talking about a new album. With two new songs we got in touch with our previous label [Hammerheart Records]. The response was good, but not sufficient to our needs. After sending promo material to other companies and reviewing several offers, we decided to team up with the Polish label Agonia Records. Since our first encounter, we felt a good understanding, that reflects the band's needs. We're currently composing new songs. The energy is great and we are expecting nothing less than the best album of our career".


Upcoming shows:
03.04.2020 - Eidhoven @ Netherlands DeathFest, NL
15.04.2020 - Wroclaw @ Into The Abyss Festival, PL



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