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RHODIUM Feature Live Performance In New Official Video For 'The Emperor'


Greek metal group Rhodium have released a new video featuring the track The Emperor which is taken from their latest album, the excellent Sea Of The Dead. Here’s what the band had to say; “Watch our latest video with footage from our live presentation show for Sea Of The Dead. Definitely a night to remember! Lets hope that soon we will be all safety experience such magical nights again…


The emperor chooses glory they fight till the last
No fear in their eyes no fear in their hearts”



Rhodium – Sea Of The Dead
On the new album Sea Of The Dead, Greek metal group Rhodium manage to craft a mix of modern heavy metal sounds and memorable melodies, where the centerpiece is powerful progressive guitar breaks and imposing vocal melodies.


Their co-collaborator, Aspa Feanor, composes most of the groups lyrics with her great poetic inspiration, which combine themes of personal experiences and profound emotions. Mixing and Production was made by Dionisis Christodoulatos at CFN Studios with mastering by Nasos Nomikos at Vu Productions Mastering Studio.

Sea Of The Dead may not be a concept album, nevertheless most of the songs have a common denominator …man and his battle for survival. The tales that are told within the tracks try to motivate people to react to all the wrong doings around them and lead them to spiritual awakening.


A lyrical overview of Sea Of The Dead by the band:

A Path Of Wrath and Man Of Honor broach the very serious matter of pedophilia with the purpose to make people stand up to abusers, even if they appear to be above suspicion.

• The song called Delirio follows, which in turn describes a mental illness and how people suffering from this unfortunate disease are often mistreated and cast aside by society.

First Light Of Day is allegorical. It may seem to describe the tail of creation, but through this story it describes how people are alienated and caged in their isolation, each one fighting his own demons.

Sea Of The Dead, the title track of the album, is dedicated to all those people who lost their lives in the cold waters of the Aegean Sea in a futile attempt to escape from the horrors of war.

The Emperor is the sequel of the story of “The Fall”, a track from our first album. It tells the story of the fall of Constantinople in the May of 1453 and the last moments of the Emperor Constantinos Palaiologos.

Sisters Of Fate on the other hand, is a song that deals with the inevitability of facing our destiny. When you reach the end of your time, what are your last thoughts? Who are the people who touched you and made you remember them?

Tapestry Of Time is a love song which raises those questions.

Fight Back is the penultimate song and is an obvious exhortation to awake people from being passive and make them resist and make justice prevail.

• Finally Doomsday is a bonus track that deals with a deadly virus.


RHODIUM album2019


Track Listing:


01. A Path Of Wrath
02. Man Of Honor
03. Delirio
04. First Light Of Day
05. Sea Of The Dead
06. The Emperor
07. Sisters Of Fate
08. Tapestry Of Time
09. Fight Back
10. Doomsday [Bonus Track]


Available now from: Shop Sliptrick | Apple Music | Spotify YouTube Music & other major stores


Sea Of The Dead | Released December 3rd, 2019 via Sliptrick Records


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