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SCARLETH 'Be What You Are' New Video


Ukrainian modern melodic metallers SCARLETH unveils new video "Be What You Are" taken from their latest full length album "VORTEX".


Playing music on joint of modern heaviness and diverse melodism, Band’s style is expanding constantly and represents mind-blowing mixture of many melodic genres – from power, folk, doom and gothic metal to modern/progressive metal. The band completely deserves to be called one of the most outstanding young musical representatives of its style.


guitarist Victor Morozov comments "This music video is tribute to pre-COVID 19 era we all miss so much. We hope that great old days when all bands were touring the world freely will return soon!"
"Be What You Are" is a short and pushful song which says that anyone can achieve anything. The most important is to believe in yourself and take action. Riffs in this track are quite unusual to our style I must say and that makes the track stand on it's own."


"Be What You Are" Video has been recorded during the "Vortex" tour final performance, November 16, 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine.


Their second album "The Silver Lining" has been just reissued on December 2020.
Both "Vortex" and "The Silver Lining" are available on Rockshots Store:


SCARLETH album2019


Track Listing:

01 - Feel The Heat
02 - No Return
03 - Be What You Are
04 - Passion
05 - No More Letters
06 - Guardian Angel
07 - Escape From Your Embrace
08 - Остання Зоря
09 - Pain Is My Name
10 - Final Curtain
11 - Break The Chains


Mixed and mastered by Max Morton.
Cover Art by Gustavo Sazes


SCARLETH album2015Reissue2020


REISSUE VERSION - December 2020


Track Listing:

1. Night Of Lies
2. Double Memory
3. The Gates Of Dark Sun
4. Voices
5. Dying Alone
6. One Short Life
7. Before The Night Falls
8. Pure Desire
9. Last Hope


Previously the band has also released a videoclip of the song "Feel The Heat", available below:



For fans of Amaranthe, Within Temptation, Epica



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