SECOND TO SUN Release Guitar Playthrough Video for 'New World Order'

SECOND TO SUN album2018

Saint Petersburg (RU) - Prolific Russian Metal group SECOND TO SUN has released a guitar playthrough video for "New World Order," a track from new album The Walk. The video features guitarist Vladimir Lehtinen and can be viewed below.


SECOND TO SUN released The Walk on November 25. As merciless and brutal as the frosts of Siberia, The Walk is available digitally through all online retailers and streaming platforms, as well as on CD. The album can be streamed in its entirety at, as well on YouTube.


SECOND TO SUN album2018




1. We Are Not Alone
2. Black Lines
3. Home
4. From Outer Space
5. The Train 1702
6. The Owls
7. New World Order
8. To Live
9. We Are Alone


All streaming and purchase options for The Walk:


The instrumental edition of The Walk was released on November 26 and can be purchased at this location.



"A band unafraid to change and adapt, Second To Sun have pulled off a career high here."
- Ghost Cult


"Where the fuck has Second to Sun been my whole life? The Walk (both the vocal and instrumental versions) is an original creation that surpasses every one of its predecessors. Second to Sun have outdone themselves."
- Angry Metal Guy (4/5)


"On the one hand, it has many rhythmic elements of groove metal; on the other, it continues the legacy of such classic Scandinavian black metal bands as EMPEROR, MAYHEM, and DARKTHRONE. Such diverse musical roots of the band protrude from Vladimir Lehtinen's songwriting, Gleb Sysoev's soul-crushing vocals and Fedor Borovsky's groovy drum lines."
- Metal-Temple (9/10)


"Powerful and huge as the Tsar's bomb, it wraps you in a dark and dense fog that you will never want to leave."
- RTMB (9/10)


"Second to Sun wrap their groove metal foundation in a tattered funeral shroud of black metal trappings for a result that transcends both in a brilliant marriage of genres."
- Antihero Magazine


"The Walk further diversifies the band's sound with even darker and colder edges that fit perfectly into the current season, while keeping the pieces that gave them a more unique feel to begin with. Quality stuff for those who like a little bit of fresh flavor injected into the black metal format."
- Dead Rhetoric (8/10)


"It will certainly turn the heads of the record executives at Spinefarm, Candlelight and Season of Mist. Expect a record deal in the near future."
- Exclaim!


"It frightens, fascinates and tantalizes."
- Antichrist Magazine


"Second To Sun is proof that you can play interesting music in the east. It's worth checking out Second to Sun. They really make good music."
- Death Magnetic


"Their new nine-song release wastes no time attacking your sense of hearing."
- JP's Music Blog



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