SICARIUS Premiere Video For New Song 'Bia'


Black metal nihilists SICARIUS will issue their second full-length release, “God Of Dead Roots,” on March 13 via M-Theory Audio. The album – which was produced by Mick Kenney (Anaal Nathrakh, Benediction, Empyrean Throne) – is now available for pre-order on CD, digital and limited-edition moonless night black vinyl at this location:


Today, the California-based group – praised by Metal Hammer as “USBM with serious forward thrust” – unveil the second taste of the new album via a lyric video by David Thelan (Suidakra, Attic) for its bludgeoning opening track, “βία.” In Greek mythology, Bia was the personification of force, anger and raw energy, and SICARIUS – whose moniker means contract killer or assassin in Latin – deftly channel all of those qualities in the song. Check out “βία” at this location:



Along with the new track “A Practiced Hand” – which SICARIUS premiered late last year – “βία” is available as an “instant grat” download with all digital pre-orders of “God Of Dead Roots,” SICARIUS' first recording with guitarist Travis “Grimnir” Whiting (Carnifex, Ruines Ov Abaddon). Both songs are also now streaming via Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and other digital platforms.


βία is purely about violence in its most primal form and how it has been rooted instinctively
into our DNA throughout our evolutionary history,” explains vocalist Karcass. “I find the human need to create violence fascinating; it is simultaneously our blessing and our curse. We can be so massively destructive, yet from that same mindset we birth amazing creations, new ideas, and even further life.

Ultimately, I believe that we are slaves to the circle of violence created by our own human
nature, and will inflict endless war upon ourselves with a grim pleasure.”


SICARIUS – whose drummer Brandon “BZ” Zackey is also a member of Enterprise Earth (eOne / Good Fight Music) – draw influence from and pay homage to classic black metal bands, yet the quintet also injects a modern, high-velocity sense of immediacy into their bloodthirsty extreme metal assault. The group was founded five years ago in Southern California, where they have since performed extensively alongside such genre heavyweights as Carach Angren, Master, Uada, 1349, Goatwhore, Vader, Helheim, Sadistic Intent, Skeletal Remains, Helsott, Wolvhammer, Sixes, Witch Casket and Tombs.


In 2017, the group signed with M-Theory Audio and released their acclaimed full-length debut “Serenade of Slitting Throats,” hailed by Decibel Magazine for “combining black metal with a violent immediacy and pairing it with a bloody, corpsepainted aesthetic.” Since that album's release, SICARIUS has performed in the Western U.S. on a regular basis, winning praise for their visceral and intense live shows.


2019 saw SICARIUS re-team with Kenney to record “God Of Dead Roots,” which further explores what Invisible Oranges calls “a vision steeped in anger and aggression, a noxious brew of blackened thrash with a healthy pinch of genre-appropriate misanthropy to aid in fermentation.


The album's cover art, pictured above, was again designed by Misanthropic Art (Behemoth, Pig Destroyer, Dismember, Hate Eternal).




"God of Dead Roots" track listing:


1) βία
2) Open Fire
3) Immortal Plight
4) Culling the Heedless
5) Nekromanteia
6) A Practiced Hand
7) Pagan Vestige(s)
8) God of Dead Roots
9) Scythe Bearers
10) Tombs

Unlisted CD-only bonus track – Raise The Dead (Bathory cover)


Pre-order on CD, digital and limited-edition moonless night black vinyl at this location:


With a sound that that nods to Hellhammer and Bathory and an attitude inspired by the likes of The Misfits, Motorhead and Midnight, SICARIUS embody the dark danger that rages unabashed within the most memorable extreme metal. Listen at your own risk.



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