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SUIDAKRA Unleashes Video for 'Vortex of Carnage' New Album 'Wolfbite' Out June 25


The release date of June 25th is getting nearer, so there is no better way for SUIDAKRA than celebrating the new album Wolfbite with an official video!


This time the video is for the track “Vortex of Carnage” and you can watch it on MDD Records YouTube channel:



Wolfbite has been very well welcomed from the press, which underlined the genuineness of the band's work, able to definitively forge its own sound, enriching it with new elements that make it fresh and updated.


The historical leader of the band Arkadius Antonik declared:


"For me, the entire musical SuidAkrA journey of the past 25 years has led precisely to Wolfbite. In my opinion, this album presents all of our musical facets and strengths. Despite the powerful and heavy sound, the songs contain soulful melodies. At the same time, the compositions have an old school feeling for me. For me one of the best SuidAkrA albums I was allowed to work on and I'm very grateful for that.


The music of Wolfbite has been composed by Arkadius Antonik & SuidAkrA. Album recorded by Arkadius Antonik at the GHA Studio, Würzburg. Vocals recorded by Jochen Pelser at the K22 Studios in October 2020. Mixing & Mastering by Aljoscha Sieg at the Pitchback Studios, January 2021. Artwork, Lyrics, Story Concept & Layouts by Kris Verwimp.


The Darkness of War Is Coming, Be Ready For Wolfbite!


PreOrder & Bundles:


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SUIDAKRA album2021


Here is the tracklist:


1. A Life in Chains (5:17)

2. The Inner Wolf (5:43)

3. Darcanian Slave (4:47)

4. Faoladh (6:04)

5. Crossing Over (6:32)

6. Vortex of Carnage (4:05)

7. Resurgence (4:53)

8. Redemption (4:01)

9. A Shrine for The Ages (4:10)



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