SUNSTARE shared two audio excerpts from upcoming album

SUNSTARE album2018

After months of hard work and about three years after the release of a well-received debut full-length effort, French heavy-doom/sludge/post-hardcore merchants SunStare are about to unleash a new album with 'Eroded' coming out on November 14 for self-produced Limited CD edition & Digital.


In the meantime, the band just unveiled two audio excerpt from this upcoming effort "1000 Days Of Night" and "Prey For The Sun", both available right now on Bandcamp.


Stream the song "10,000 Days Of Night" and "Prey For The Sun" below:

SUNSTARE is a post-metal act from northern France, created in 2013.


If the music of the band can be qualified as something between Sludge, Doom or Post Hardcore, SUNSTARE actually draws on a wide range of metal influences, which affords the 4 members to share pretty different stages with pretty different metal bands...The music is based on riffage with massive and darkened atmospheres, with a saturated voice that can scream or growl to express a mix of personal and mythological narratives.


After several gigs with some great bands of the french metal scene, Sunstare is introducing its first full length album, 'Under the Eye of Utu' in march 2015.


Three years later and a half, they will unleashed a new beast on Fall 2018.


For fans of AmenRa, Cult of Luna, Neurosis, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, The Great Old Ones...


SUNSTARE album2018



1. Monolith - Part I : Ritual
2. Monolith - Part II : Irkalla Shall Fall
3. Am I Art ? (Trauma)
4. For We Are All Alone on a Mass Grave
5. Pray for the Sun
6. Requiem for the Sky
7. How to Fill This Eternal Silence
8. 10000 Days of Night



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