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SVART CROWN Release New Single 'Thermageddon' From New Album 'Wolves Among The Ashes'

SVART CROWN album2020

French extreme metallers SVART CROWN are back – with a new single & video, a new album and a tour! The album “Wolves Among The Ashes” will be released on February 7th, 2020. Get a first glimpse of the first single “Thermageddon” below:



Band leader JB Le Bail comments:

"We are again pretty excited to reveal the first track of our new album "Wolves Among The Ashes", ‘Thermageddon’. It was the first track we wrote for this album, and it shows a certain desire to come back to the blackened death metal we loved in the late 90's: uncompromising, direct and with no superfluous element. But we cannot ignore that some doors were opened on our past releases and I am pretty sure that everyone is going to be surprised by what will happen next...

This time, too, everything has been under the supervision of our Nganda "Francis Caste", who captured our best sound production to date.

Last but not least, Dehn Sora gave us the perfect post apocalyptic vibe that this album needed.


We are the angels of our fall

The enemies of ourselves

Our own predators

Wolves among the ashes"


SVART CROWN album2020

"Wolves Among The Ashes” Tracklist:


01. They Will Not Take Our Death In Vain
02. Thermageddon
03. Art Of Obedience
04. Blessed Be The Fools
05. At The Altar Of Beauty
06. Down To Nowhere
07. Exoria
08. Living With The Enemy


Wolves Among The Ashes” will be available in the following formats and can be pre – ordered HERE!

Limited CD Digipak
Gatefold black LP + CD
Digital Album
Gatefold red LP + CD
Gatefold clear LP + CD


Svart Crown are finally back. Armed with a new revigorated line up, the band is releasing their fifth studio album “Wolves Among The Ashes” on February 7th, 2020 and it’s certainly their most mature and diverse album to date.


This new set of songs promises a deep and introspecting journey, from freezing black metal vibes to post-modern apocalyptic death metal.


Across tortured and bleak landscapes, the French quartet is exploring the most sombre and psychotic traits of humanity, from the telluric plea of "Thermaggedon" to the powerful vision of their new monolith "Living With The Enemy", slithering through sexual innuendo on "Art Of Obedience" or channeling spirituality on "Down To Nowhere". With its message both poignant and thoughtful, "Wolves Among The Ashes" is a true devil in sheep's skin and a new exciting milestone in Svart Crown's history.


Upon release of the new album, SVART CROWN will set off to a European tour with label mates GosT. They will also play a release show in Toulon (FR) and you can expect them to play a couple of festivals during next Summer.


Please find all the confirmed live dates below:


08/02 - Toulon (FR) - L'Hélice (Release show)


SVART CROWN & GosT Europe 2020


25/02 - Vienna (AT) - Viper Room

26/02 - Budapest (HU) - Room 41

27/02 - Prague (CZ) - Modra Vopice

28/02 - Warsaw (PL) - Hydrozagadka

29/02 - Wroclaw (PL) - Pralnia

02/03 - Leipzig (GE) - Naumann´s / Felsenkeller

03/03 - Munich (GE) - Backstage

05/03 - Copenhagen (DK) - Beta

06/03 - Hamburg (GE) - Logo

07/03 - Strasbourg (FR) - La Laiterie

08/03 - Eindhoven (NL) - Stroomhuis

10/03 - Nancy (FR) - L’Autre Canal

11/03 - Paris (FR) - Petit Bain

12/03 - Nantes (FR) - Le Ferrailleur

14/03 - Liège (BE) - Reflektor

15/03 - London (UK) - Underworld


24/07 - Revištské Podzámčí (SL) - Gothoom Open Air


Wolves Among The Ashes” can be pre – ordered HERE!



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