THE OFFERING sign worldwide deal with Century Media Records


Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts the five players behind THE OFFERING first came together in Tampa, Florida to invent their signature version of progressive, furious, and technical power metal with a strong death and thrash approach. The wild mixture of elements from many metal genres puts THE OFFERING in a class of its own: Deep musical compositions, extreme, adept vocal performances, a powerful modern sound, and profound song arrangement separate THE OFFERING from the metal pack. This is modern heavy metal for open-minded listeners who can imagine a hybrid of Nevermore, Death, At The Gates, Psychotic Waltz, Control Denied and Iced Earth.


THE OFFERING’s self-titled debut EP was produced by guitarist Nishad George with engineering help from grammy-award-winning engineer Mark Fuller, and mixed and mastered by Andre Alvinzi and Jens Bogren at the renowned Fascination Street Studios (Arch Enemy, At The Gates, Opeth and other genre-defining artists). This fine 5-track record is set for a November 10th release as digital download/stream as well as limited 12” vinyl.







1. Rat King
2. Tales of Hell
3. The Well
4. Witch Pit
5. The Offering

Check out the EP’s opening track 'Rat King' here:


THE OFFERING’s first studio album is scheduled to drop in summer/autumn 2018. Watch out!

Alex Richichi – Vocals
Nishad George – Guitars
Daniel Martinez Del Campo – Guitars
Yoav Ruiz-Feingold – Bass
Steve Finn – Drums



The Offering is a heavy metal band based out of Boston, MA. With origins across the country, the group is blending old school flavor with modern brutality to bring a new bold personality to the metal community. Featuring an impressive vocal range, intricate harmonies, face melting guitar riffs, headbanging grooves and adept instrumental compositions the Offering is a force to be reckoned with.

Alex Richichi from Syracuse NY is the band’s front man. Threatening to dethrone the great vocalists of metal, he brings an old face to new shores. He provides an easily outstanding combination of almost unlimited vocal range, and vast harmonic arrangements.

Dan Martinez is the band’s technical powerhouse. Hailing from Mexico city, Daniel’s intense riffs and writing brings the modern metal flavor to the table. Dan epitomizes the classic ideas behind The Offering.

Nishad George from San Fransisco is the band’s X factor. Fusing a creative soundscape to the metal chassis of the group, he elevates the band into a class all its own. Featuring creative riffs and sounds, alongside machinelike execution, Nishad embodies the uniqueness of the ensemble.

Steve Finn from South Shore Massachusetts is the band’s structural backbone. His playing incorporates progressive roots, and agile hands and feet. His musical approach brings the instrumental compositions to new heights.

We are the Offering.



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