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THE OGRE Summon Spirits and Screams With 'Entity' – Out Apr 28th


Entity is the third album by one man band The Ogre. It’s worldwide released via Sliptrick Records on April 28th and follows-up from his second album Dead In The Water. Although the previous album had a progressive death metal feel to it, Entity comes back to a more aggressive and violent tone but with a clear song and riff writing evolution. Entity was recorded through 2018 and early 2019 at The Ogre’s Horrorsound Studios, taking time with no rush whatsoever to find the perfect sound for it.


The main concept is a plunge directly into a horror scene of the supernatural and stories of the macabre and unknown. Inspired by books like Haunted: One Family’s Nightmare and several movies, mythology, occultism and urban legends to create an eerie atmosphere for the listener.


Entity is built with 9 ghoulish tracks;

Macabre Hooded Specter deals with a nightmarish anticipation of a being rising from the grave to torment and possess. Room Of Broken Mirrors is a melodic enigmatic song inspired by the legend of a mysterious room from A. Crowley’s residence. Violent Poltergeist Manifestation is a description of a house infested with ghosts and/or darker things. Nightrider is a song capturing the post apocalyptic feel of the original Mad Max movie. Portals describes a Lovecraftian rite of immortality from flesh to flame. Phantasmagoria was one of the first songs written for this album dealing with the supernatural, life, death and things caught in the between. Vermin is a direct parallel of a rotting corpse from a murder hidden in the woods and our own human behavior. Solaris is a futuristic story of a lost cosmonaut. Beneath The Rain deals with depression and questioning of one’s self existence.


Each song has it´s own identity going through Death, Black, Thrash and Heavy Metal, heavy, ugly and true.


THE OGRE album2020


Track Listing:

01. Macabre Hooded Specter

02. Room Of Broken Mirrors

03. Violent Poltergeist Manifestation

04. Nightrider

05. Portals

06. Phantasmagoria

07. Vermin

08. Solaris

09. Beneath The Rain


Written, recorded, produced and illustrated by The Ogre.


Entity | Released April 28th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records



Carcass | Iron Maiden | Megadeth


Genre: Death Metal | Black Metal | Heavy Metal



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