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THEOSOPHY Stand Majestic In The 'Towers Of Dark Pantheon' – Out May 5th


Siberian Black metal act Theosophy prepare to release their fifth album, entitled Towers Of Dark Pantheon set for release worldwide via Sliptrick Records on may 5th. After all the years of productive activity, successful gigs and flattering reviews from different parts of the world, the band are looking to take another major step forward and are more than ready to open new horizons.


Towers Of Dark Pantheon is a new chapter in the Theosophy process. The album carries you through a stream of darkness and cold with the strongest riffs, some mighty melodies and a total death metal that will take you into the atmosphere of old times and black sabbaths. You will hear about Altai history and mythology (Curse Of Ak-Kadyn and The Sword of Erlik), Scandinavian heroes (Where Thunder Reigns), Christian and biblical surroundings (Full Moon Triumph, Old Stone In The Woods and Even The Dead Cast Shadows) and even Cosmic Chaos (From Eternity to Past) …all in best genre tradition.


The album is saturated with religious themes from different nations, which were previously not characteristic of the band. Traditional black metal riffs give way to acoustic melodic. Powerful orchestral parts lean into the atmosphere. Towers Of Dark Pantheon is a piercing roar penetrates the depths of your consciousness.


THEOSOPHY album2020


Track Listing:

01. Towers Of Dark Pantheon

02. Curse Of Ak-Kadyn

03. Where Thunder Reigns

04. Full Moon Triumph

05. Old Stone In The Woods

06. The Sword Of Erlik

07. Even the Dead Cast Shadows

08. From Eternity To Past


Towers Of Dark Pantheon | Released May 5th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records


The album was recorded, engineering and mixed by [K]onstantin [K]orotaev during Sept/Nov 2019 at Wave-Records and KHR studio. Produced by Phantom.




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