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TOR MARROCK prepare to release 'The Concept Of Self'

TOR MARROCK album2018

Today Imperative PR bring you music from the shadow realm, songs from beyond the flames, promises of seduction and enticing wickedness. We bring you The Concept Of Self, the new album from Tor Marrock – practitioners of the dark arts from the Welsh mountains. This latest grimoire of forbidden knowledge will be unveiled by Black Vulture Records on December 13th, set free to work its sinuous way into the hearts and minds of all who hear it.


Tor Marrock first emerged from their mountain stronghold in 2005, bringing with them their first demo, The Death Of Summer, a first glimpse into their world of desire driven witchery. Two albums followed; A Gothic Romance (2007) and Destroy The Soul (2013) – each a step further into the darkness. Now, as the nights draw in and winter looms once more, the flames will be lit again and all will be summoned to The Concept Of Self. As the darkness spins around you, thrill to the whispered promises of guest vocalist Liv Free on ‘(Let’s Make) Love In The Dark’, then feel the fear as you realise that the path home is long forgotten as ‘The Dark In Your Eyes’ draws you ever onward into the black. Finally emerge, bloodied and new born, forever changed, into ‘The Concept Of Self’ – the album’s epic conclusion.


Tor Marrock operate within their own sphere of existence, creating their own world of sensual sorcery, of vampiric visions and gothic dreams. The heat of passion and the cold of night entwine within their serrated riffs and desolate melodies and this is your invitation to join the shadow dance. Cast aside your reason and follow the dark desires of your heart...


TOR MARROCK album2018


Track Listing:


1 – The Belonging
2 – Sacrifice The Flesh
3 – Angel (The Second Beast)
4 – (Let’s Make) Love In The Dark
5 – The Dark In Your Eyes
6 – Sultress
7 – Summer In Italy
8 – The Concept Of Self


Tor Marrock - The Dark In Your Eyes:




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