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TRAUMATOMY to Release New Album 'Extirpation Paradigms' May 07th 2021!


Ripping its way into these troubled times comes the brand new, full length album from infamous Russian slam squad, Traumatomy. It may have been six years since they last released an album, the pummelling brute force of Monolith Of Absolute Suffering, but as soon as Extirpation Paradigms begins to deliver its payload of power it’s as if they’ve never been away. You want absolute bestial brutality? You’ve got it!


Since their first EP release, Transformation Into A Putrid Mass, back in 2013, Traumatomy have been renowned for vomiting up some of the sickest slams around – and now they’re back with their heaviest album yet. Extirpation Paradigms is an exercise in barbarous, nihilistic, death metal destruction. Ever present vocalist, Haruka Kamiyama (ex-Gorevent) has been joined by Traumatomy’s live vocalist Kirill Zarubin to form a two-headed blood-gargling beast in the vanguard of the band’s attack, while behind them new songs like first single, ‘Patterns Of Tyranny’, armed with bowel-bursting riffs and skull cracking blast beats, show no mercy. When ‘Filled With Abhorrence’ hits it’s like being hurled into the path of an onrushing truck, then ground beneath the tracks of a bulldozer and final song, ‘Epitome Of Depravity’, featuring a guest vocal appearance from Defeated Sanity man Josh Welshman, ensures that no one gets out of here alive.


With the additional muscle of Gore House Productions now behind them, Traumatomy are ready to bludgeon the opposition into dust. When Extirpation Paradigms hits the streets on May 7th, adorned in the insane artwork of Daemorph (Avulsed, The Black Dahlia Murder, Pyrexia etc) nothing will stand in its way. Brace yourself for impact...there’s a storm coming.


TRAUMATOMY album2021

Track Listing:


1 – Intro
2 – Feeding Organism
3 – Inducing Intragenic Deformity
4 – Ruinous Metamorphosis
5 – Extirpation Paradigms
6 – Patterns Of Tyranny
7 – Filled With Abhorrence
8 – Instinctive Defilement
9 – Epitome Of Depravity


Presale link: Gore House Productions


Genre: Brutal Death Metal
For fans of: Lividity | Aborted Fetus | Visceral Disgorge | Gorevent





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