UNCLOUDED PERCEPTION Sign With Wormholedeath And Announce 'Districts' Album Release Date!


German modern metal combo Unclouded Perception are proud to announce that they have signed with WormHoleDeath for the release of their album "Districts".


UNCLOUDED PERCEPTION stands for authentic Modern Metal made in Germany that doesn’t only kick ass but also encourages thinking about life. Bone-breaking riffs merged with marrow-rocking vocals and energetic performances are the trademarks of the band. Completed through melodic guitar play, thoughtful lyrics or epic rock ballads, the five guys from Augsburg offer a widespread spectrum of sound to the listener. From Mosh pit storms to neck pain and creeps – those who don’t know Unclouded Perception yet shouldn’t miss a chance.


"Districts" has been enginereed, recorded, and mixed by Wahoomi Corvi and Cristian Coruzzi at RealSound Studio (Parma, Italy) and it will be released on 21 December 2018 via Wormholedeath / The Orchard / Wormholedeath USA.


The physical CD will be available starting January the 18th 2019 via Aural Music Group.






2.Kingdom of Blood
4.Sweet Maiden
7.Never Ending Race
9.The Punisher
10.Turn the Tables
11.The Warming Cold


Album message

Although all humans dwell in the same reality, the latter is perceived differently. Their perception is blurred through factors like social state, religion and worldview. As a consequence, everyone defines their own reality so that diverse realities coexist in the same place. The everyday situations which are seen in this environment, are constantly repeated but always experienced in a more or less divergent manner.***
Why “Districts”->

1) It had to be a neutral, cool-sounding but still "eye catching" title

2) In our eyes, the world/humanity is many-faceted, to categorize it in a depiction of this fact, one might say there are several "districts" where different "things" happen. Often separated through each distinct attributes, but then again, coexisting (nearly) on the same spot (***-->3) Like different parts of a town (finance district, everything is shiny, polished and looks modern/fine (ghettos, where everything is messed up, industrial districts, rural districts, etc.) different landscapes,countries or even states/kingdoms different shapes of mind, different thoughts about the way things do/should work but also AMBIGUITY of these districts (finance district is "good" for economy and people who work there, but "bad" for poor people, etc.), some people think it's good to go to a holy war and kill innocent people along with themselves... others don’t. These people are mad, or rather insane in our eyes, but on the other hand these people think the same way about us.. i.e. NOT going to a holy war is insane... Everyone has their own reality, their own will, their own way of thinking, their own way of judging things. Last but not least COMPLEXITY of these districts/things, why are things the way they are, which factors played a role, what dependencies, influences, relations are there? How and to what extent is everything connected?

3) ***We (UP) do not want to judge these "things" that happen, we do not want to give a statement if something is good or bad or anything else, we just want to make things clear, to reveal an objective truth from the “dust” of lies/money and any other dependencies. We're like beholders/observers who try to see things like they are.. we try to "provide" or rather inspire to achieve an unclouded perception.




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