VEGA New album 'Only Human' out May 11th!

VEGA album2018

'Only Human' is the fifth studio album by UK melodic rock stalwarts VEGA. The band self-produced the
record but teamed up with legendary Canadian musician and producer Harry Hess (of Harem Scarem)
for the mixing and mastering to bring their fans another gem of a release.


If you're very lucky, there may be occasions in your life when you find a band and you realise you’ve
discovered something a bit special. We've all heard groups who release 'great' albums, but VEGA
certainly make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and provide butterflies in the stomach
excitement when all fans of modern melodic rock listen to their new records for the first time.


Following the release of their last album, 2016’s ‘Who We Are’, VEGA remained busy promoting it
until returning to the studio to record ‘Only Human’. They toured with Magnum and Dan Reed Network,
appeared at festivals such as Steelhouse, Planet Rock’s Winter’s End, Hard Rock Heaven AOR5,
Nordic Noise, Amplified and Rockingham, plus a headlining slot at the Melodic Rock Night in Padova
(Italy) and UK and European tours in their own right.


VEGA album2018



Let's Have Fun Tonight
Worth Dying For
Last Man Standing
Come Back again
All Over Now
Mess You Made
Only Human
Standing Still
Turning Pages
Fade Away
Go To War

VEGA will perform at the Wildfire Festival in Scotland on 23rd June, then hit the road for a UK tour.

Confirmed dates are as follows:


23.06.18 WISTON, LANARKSHIRE Wildfire Festival
28.06.18 MANCHESTER Ruby Lounge
29.06.18 NEWCASTLE Riverside
30.06.18 GLASGOW Stereo
05.07.18 CARDIFF Fuel
06.07.18 WOLVERHAMPTON Slade Rooms
07.07.18 LONDON Underworld



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