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WALLOP 'Alps On Fire' Cover, Tracklist, Release Date: 24th April 2020


The release date of the of the album "Alps On Fire“ by the Old school Heavy Metal Band WALLOP on CD via PURE STEEL RECORDS is April 24th, 2020. The pre-order phase will start on April 10th, 2020 in Pure Steel Webshop.


How do you hear new, original and authentic 80’s metal in the 2020’s?

Well, the band who released their well-known debut album Metallic Alps in 1985 (and disbanded one year later) has returned with the original line-up, as aggressive, loud and enthusiastic 35 years on! WALLOP!


When drummer Stefan Arnold left his former band Grave Digger in 2018 after a 23-year run, it was time for the cult band WALLOP to rise from the dead.


To be honest: A lot of bands rely on the success of their early productions. The WALLOP story continues exactly at this point. After a short 35-year break, they continue with true 80’s old school metal - without realignment, experiments with orchestras or three failed concept albums.


The first step was made in April 2019, when a 4-track promo EP was released, and the band performed their very successful reunion show. Recently the band finalized the new album Alps on Fire, which contains old songs as well as some new and previously unreleased material, including the RAVEN cover “Crash, bang, wallop”, where no other than Mr. John Gallagher of Raven added vocals and guitar solo! In February 2020 the band decided to sign a deal with Pure Steel Records, the right partner in crime to execute the ambitious plans, the band has for the future.


The line-up is the original band from 1985 and is a true band – not one remaining member from the old days with a bunch of hired guns - which has become very rare in nowadays music industry.


WALLOP means true old school heavy metal with catchy, straight and powerful songs. The material on the upcoming album sounds old school but fresh and delivers what the metal crowd is looking for: full metal power at its best!





1. Running Wild
2. Missing In Action
3. Lack Of Power
4. Metallic Alps
5. Reveal The Lies
6. Monsters
7. Stealthy World
8. Idols Die Too
9. 69
10. Fun For The Nun
11. Metallize
12. Crash, Bang, Wallop
13. Wall Of Sound

Total Playing Time: 50:23 min




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