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ULTHIMA Symphony Of The Night
E Even   March 30, 2021   2086 1 2 0
Every now and then you happen to discover new music simply by accident, and that was the case when I stumbled into Ulthima’s debut album on Youtube. There is not much information about the band available online, but from...
ACCEPT Too Mean To Die
E Even   January 28, 2021   1673 1 2 0
More than four decades has passed since Accept released their self-titled debut album back in 1979, and they are still going strong despite a whole bunch of line-up changes over the years. Since ‘The Rise Of Chaos’ bass player...
MORDKAUL Dress Code: Blood
E Even   January 14, 2021   1882 1 2 0
I must start by saying that I have a very limited amount of information available about Mordkaul, but they are based in Belgium and was founded based on the members mutual passion for Swedish melodic death metal and they...
E Even   December 10, 2020   2076 1 2 0
This is undoubtedly the most anticipated release this year for me personally and now the wait is finally over. The band started the work on this material about seven years ago, but the release was delayed when founding member...
HELL:ON Scythian Stamm
E Even   December 09, 2020   1514 1 2 0
I must admit that I have never heard of this Ukrainian band before, even though Scythian Stamm is actually their fifth full length album. The band was formed in 2005 as Hellion, but changed their name to Hell:On in...
PROFANITY Fragments Of Solace
E Even   November 24, 2020   1567 1 2 0
On December 4th German tech-death veterans Profanity returns with their fourth full length studio album. Fragments Of Solace was recorded during the first half of 2020 in various studio locations, and then mixed and mastered by Lukas Haidinger at...
E Even   November 23, 2020   1624 1 2 0
Mors Principium Est can look back at a career spanning over 20 years as they now release their seventh full length album, simply entitled ‘Seven’. After going through several line-up changes over the years, Mors Principium Est are currently...
COMMUNIC Hiding From The World
E Even   November 21, 2020   1692 1 2 0
There are some bands out there that never disappoint you and never seems to run out of good song ideas and Communic is one of very few bands belonging to that category. Hiding From The World is their sixth...
E Even   June 11, 2020   2089 1 2 0
Astralborne is an American melodic death metal band based in Toledo, Ohio. They were founded in 2018 and ‘Eternity’s End’, which is their debut album was originally released in November 2019 as a self-release but is now being distributed...
SORCERER Lamenting Of The Innocent
E Even   June 02, 2020   2320 1 2 0
Swedish epic doom/heavy metal band Sorcerer released an excellent album entitled The Crowning Of The King back in 2017, and now they are finally back with a brand new album. Sorcerer were formed as long back as 1988 and...
4297 results - showing 11 - 20
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